At St. Nicholas our vision has become a reality as we continue to educate more and more children in Tema New Town, making a real difference to community education.

Back in 2012 we enroled 25 children and in just four short years, we are up to 110 children and still growing!

Take a look at the current activities we provide to children registered at the school

  • School programme
  • Health checks
  • Cadet school
  • Cultural dance
  • Music band
  • Football
  • Summer camp


We aim to improve the lives of disadvantaged children by creating opportunities for them to learn and develop their full potential. We also teach them lifeskills and support their health care.

Since opening, we have built an annex to the main school to provide further classrooms and take the children through the full primary and secondary Ghanaian education system curriculum. The ground floor is complete and we continue to fundraise to help complete the first floor.

We are passionate about helping our children to go on to great things and contribute to the wider development of Tema New Town and Ghana.

See how you can get involved with St. Nicholas or donate now and help us to make a difference to the lives of our children.


The school follows the curriculum set by the Ghana Education System for state run schools.

The children attend classes in English, Math, Science, French, and due to our Greek connections, Greek lessons. The teachers are experienced and are passionate that the children acquire the necessary learning skills to progress to higher levels in the education system.

Each child is provided with two school uniforms, school textbooks and writing materials. They are also provided with and a nutritious breakfast and lunch to ensure their good health and development. Additionally, the school provides them with a Medical Health Card.

Our programme also focuses on the development of social skills, good behaviour and manners


St. Nicholas is the Patron Saint of Seafarers. A large proportion of the population in Tema New Town comes from fishing families. Some of our largest sponsors are ship-owners. The Sailors Society pay regular visits and sponsors our school maritime program.

It was only appropriate that St. Nicholas have its own Navy Cadet Corp. Thanks to the kind donations and strong relationships with The Maria Tsakos Foundation, Tsakos Columbia Ship Management, The Sailors Society and the Ghanaian Navy, who have been persuaded to come to the school to train the Cadets.

We never imagined how popular this activity would become for both the children (almost a third of our children participate in the Cadet program and they love it!) and our supporters.


At St. Nicholas we believe it is important for the children to embrace and participate in activities that truly represent their cultural heritage. African drums and cultural dance are a big part of Ghanaian life so it is only appropriate that cultural activities are offered as part of our extra curricular program.

It is very popular amongst the children and the cultural group practice their routines on a weekly basis. They often perform in shows for the Chief of Tema New Town and other distinguished guests visiting the school.

They have also embraced Greek dancing and have performed O PIRIXIOS War dance, which was performed at the opening of the Athens Olympics 2004.

Would you like to get involved?

There are many ways to get involved with St. Nicholas from sponsoring a child to, volunteering or participating in an open challenge. We have various opportunities, all of which make a difference to the lives of children living in abject poverty.

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