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School Newsletter: April-September 2019

Headmaster’s Message

WELCOME to another Issue of SCHOOL NEWS, the newsletter of St Nicholas Preparatory School, Tema. I hope you enjoy reading about the progress we have made since our last newsletter.

Highlights include:

MYTILINEOS SA, the wonderful sponsors of our new kitchen and dining area have most generously agreed to also cover the cost of 3 new classrooms. Work has already begun and whilst our new intake in September has forced one class to be accommodated in the Summer Hut, this is a temporary arrangement and we can’t wait to move them into a new classroom very soon. We hope to report on the successful completion of this work in our next issue. Of course we are most grateful to our friends at MYTILINEOS SA for such a wonderful gift. May God richly bless them.

We continue to receive donations of clothing and equipment brought to us by the airline crew of a major airline that we have named GLOBAL KINDNESS who fly between London and Accra and many other donors including schools in the UK, particularly DANES HILL SCHOOL IN OXSHOTT, SURREY. We are so grateful to you all. The incredible generosity of our many donors has allowed the community as a whole to benefit, giving the school a charitable focal point within the community. We are immensely proud to be able to help others in this way. As our relationships with schools in the UK and elsewhere grows, we hope to establish lasting bonds between our pupils and those other schools. Other schools who have donated are Danesfield Manor School in Walton-on-Thames; Danes Hill School in Oxshott; Crosshall Infant School and Longsands Academy in Saint Neots; Bedford Modern School in Bedford; St Teresa Upholland in Skelmersdale; andLeighton Park School in Reading.

Our humble thanks to all our donors. May the Good Lord richly bless you all.

Whilst building work has started on our 3 new classrooms, our dear old minibus is now really struggling to manage the number of journeys required to transport those children who live too far away to walk to school. We are really hoping another benefactor can be found who would be able to help. The name of the sponsor can be painted on the side, and if you could manage to sponsor one seat or more, that would help tremendously. I know we always seem to be asking formoney, and I’m sorry, but our new intake in September will bring our numbers up to 159!! You will understand why our minibus is a bit stressed.

We are delighted to announce that WE HAVE OPENED A LIBRARY TO THE COMMUNITY, providing adult literacy classes to those in need in the community. We are very grateful to the Maria Tsakos Foundation, Tsakos family, Tsakos and TCM Hellas for their continued support and the IRENES RAINBOW/REMEDY for all the food donated on a monthly basis, which allows us to provide 2 nourishing meals per day to staff and children.

Please do keep me informed of your ideas and improvements for St Nicholas. We would really appreciate any suggestions.

I hope you enjoy reading about our work in this newsletter.

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