Meet Emmanuel and Janet – February 2023

Emmanuel comes from a family of two set of twins, making the children five. He is the first child of the family.
His father, Joseph Napzor is a forklift operator but his mother, Francisca Awusi is unemployed and is currently nursing the last twin babies. The family lives from hand to mouth, as all dependency is on his father’s income. With such a large family to feed, the money his father makes does not get the family anywhere.
Prior to his enrolment, Emmanuel had never been to school and probably would never have, because his family is in a serious survival crisis. His admission in St. Nicholas has been such a big relief to his family who are very happy that their son has also joined in the league of education. Emmanuel is in class KG1

Janet is the daughter of Moses Dekpey who is a mechanic and Forgive Gakpetor, a seamstress. According to her mother, Janet’s father left home when she was eight months old due to marital misunderstandings. When Janet was of school going age, she was first enrolled in Marijay Academy, where her mother was working at the time. Janet remained at this school with support from her father, however, after some time, this support stopped and her mother’s salary was too little to pay for the fee, therefore, she withdrew Janet and took her to another school without her father’s knowledge. Janet’s father later discovered that she had been enrolled in another school. He gave the little support he could but was not able to do this for long. The burden then fell back to her mother who could not afford Janet’s education and as such withdrew her and sought a place for her in St. Nicholas. Prior to being enrolled in St. Nicholas, Janet was to be in Basic One, however, admission was being done mainly for KG1 and so that is the class she was admitted to on enrolment. In assessing her though, her teachers discovered that she is very smart and far above the class. Janet is in class KG2.