dining area

Kitchen and Dining Room Appeal

dining area

One of our urgent priorities is to provide proper catering facilities to cook the many meals we provide for our children.

Therefore we are making a request for sponsorship to build an open sided cafeteria plus kitchen for St Nicholas suitable for 130 children to have their breakfast and lunch.

Currently our charity has the land to build such a kitchen and cafeteria, but due to our build of additional classrooms, we do not have the funds for this further building.

We anticipate needing around US$45,000 to build a closed kitchen which would house the kitchen equipment suitable for providing the meals on site and a roofed summer style hut under which the children would sit to eat all together.  This cost is for the actual building which will include digging the foundations, a cement base and a roof as well as an enclosed kitchen area. A further US$10,000 would be needed for the kitchen equipment, so US$55,000 in all.

We would be happy to have sponsors names on the building and a formal recognition of help given as well as arrange press coverage.

Any sponsorship given is used 100% towards the project and there are no administration costs on the UK registered charity 1164193.

Please see our donations page to find out how to make your donation. Should you require any clarification, please do not hesitate to contact deleazar.stnicholas@gmail.com.

The sketch below shows a rough plan of what we intend to create.

kitchen plan