Emmanuel and Janet – June 2023


Emmanuel has improved his ability to identify and recite numbers. He is now able to recite and identify numbers from 0 to 20. At the start of this term he was only able to recite the numbers from 0 to 10. He is also now able to recite the alphabet from A to Z using phonetics. He has really worked hard throughout the term. For a child who had never attended school before St Nicholas, his teachers are very impressed with his work and the effort he makes. He came 3rd out of 22 in the class after the end of term examinations. He is an excellent student.
He still mingles well with his colleagues and tries to get involved in all class activities.


Janet has tried hard throughout the term and has been really involved in her class. Her attendance record at the school is very good. She is able to identify almost the entire alphabet and is able to read some simple short sentences. She has really worked hard to be one of the best students in the KG2 class. She came 5th out of 19 children after the end of term exams. Janet behaves very well in class and in the school as a whole.