Ceremony for the inauguration of three new classrooms

We are much elated to add three new classrooms to our block! Through the immense support of Mytilineous, whom we will forever be grateful to, we have been able to complete three more classrooms in the new block and have inaugurated them.

A ceremony was held for the inauguration, which was officially launched by Mrs. Marianna Gavriel and Mr. Asempa of Mytilineous, the traditional council and other honourable guests.

We were excited to have Capt. Avraam Anastasiadis representing Tsakos Hellas, and the Maria Tsakos Foundation. The best part of the ceremony was a beautiful speech written and read by one of our graduating students; Ms. Eureka Tokoli, who expressed how much the student body was excited for the new facility and also for the support of Mytilineous over the years. We take pride in this, as it is an indication that our kids give recognition to all the wonderful support they are receiving and are appreciative of it.

Watch the full video of the event below.