St. Nicholas School was built and continues to run on the passion and determination of qualified teachers, a voluntary group of Trustees and the incredible support of many inviduals and companies who have donated funds, gifts and their time.


Our Headteacher leads a dedicated team of 20 paid staff to run the school on a daily basis. This includes 15 teachers and five support staff, who all live in the surrounding area of Tema New Town.


In the St. Nicholas Foundation Business Plan 2017-2020, we have six simple strategic objectives that we want to achieve and these are to:

  1. Educate children well and ensure their well-being
  2. Provide excellent teachers/staff
  3. Provide and maintain excellent buildings and facilities
  4. Provide engaging co-curricular activities
  5. Recruit excellent volunteers and supporters
  6. Ensure strong, efficient charity management



At St. Nicholas we have five simple values that we apply to everything that we do and we believe they are crucial to helping our children LEARN.

LISTEN: When we listen, we learn, when we learn, we grow.

ENTHUSIASM: Children learn better when they are surrounded by positive and enthusiastic role models.

ACHIEVE: We have high aspirations for the children attending St. Nicholas and we continuously emphasise the importance of achieving goals.

RESOURCEFUL: Children attending St. Nicholas grow up in families affected by extreme poverty so it is essential that we teach them to be resourceful at all times.

NURTURE: Our nursery infants join St. Nicholas as young as four years old and we recognise the importance of nurturing children throughout their school years to help them grow into confident, resilient children and teenagers.


From our humble beginnings as a two-classroom nursery and kindergarten school we have achieved so much and we are very proud. We are appreciative of the support we have received along the way. We have made a bold commitment to educate children up to school leaving age. Read on to see what we have done and how much more we still have to do.

The school has gone from strength to strength and amongst many other achievements in five short years.  We have:

  • increased our intake from 25 to 135 children
  • made a commitment to educate all children up to school leaving age
  • built 7 additional classrooms in the annex, with the potential for a further 12 classrooms, a library and IT suite.
  • set up a Cadet School that the Ghanaian Navy help to train.
  • provided a clean and safe environment for the children to learn in
  • set up a Cultural group for the children to express themselves
  • implemented a Board of Trustees to help govern and steer the school
  • obtained NGO status in Ghana and charitable status in the UK (Charity Commission)

Would you like to get involved?

There are many ways to get involved with St. Nicholas from sponsoring a child to, volunteering or participating in an open challenge. We have various opportunities, all of which make a difference to the lives of children living in abject poverty.

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